Programme - 20 November - Workshops

  • 14:30 17:00

    Flat6labs Abu Dhabi Workshop: Monetizing Digital Content

    In the past few years, several regional players have launched successful digital content companies, finding ways to scale quickly and monetize via channels like YouTube. Yet challenges remain, when it comes to distribution, monetization, and protecting IP.

    How can we make it easier for content creators to be successful?

  • 14:30 17:00

    Flat6labs Abu Dhabi Workshop: Growing Online Education

    To scale education systems, innovators are turning to the internet, putting courseware online and building new products to reach a broader audience or augment existing education programs. Yet the challenges are large-- revenue models for many online products haven’t been proven, and it can be difficult to measure the value of online learning as compared to that in the classroom.

    How can we scale the reach of existing education programs?