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    Keynote panel: The Next Big Thing in Future Media

    The Media & Entertainment industry has been buffeted by the digital wave—a swath of creative destruction that consumed thousands of jobs, even as it created thousands of jobs that hadn’t existed before.

    What’s next? It is likely to show up first in the emerging world, where the most cutting-edge tech gets deployed without regard to all that came before it. Two billion more people will go online in the next five years, most of them outside Europe and the U.S. No media enterprise will go untouched by the next tech wave, and the pace of change will only accelerate.

    Our panelists discuss the future and the next big thing.

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    CNN Segment: From the Arab Spring to the Summer of Reckoning: The Transformative Role of Social Media in the Middle East

    Social media is intrinsically connected to events in the modern Middle East, in good times and bad. During the events of the Arab Spring, we witnessed how the transformative power of social media platforms helped unleash movements that have forever changed the regional status quo. Nearly four years later, the collective and interactive qualities of social media are once again being employed by groups such as ISIS that also want to undermine the status quo, albeit for regressive rather than progressive objectives. So why is social media such an attractive tool for movements of all types here in the Middle East? What are the qualities unique to social media that are attractive to a grassroots activist in Tunis and an extremist fighter in Raqaa alike?

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    Digital Disruptor: The Future of Mobile

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    Panel: The Need for Speed in MENA: Mobile Operators Talk Next Gen Systems and Smartphones

    Investment opportunities abound in the Middle East and North Africa, the second-largest mobile market in the world. And so do the challenges. Mobile in MENA is becoming the key place for media and content consumption (and connection); in 2013 smartphones passed the 110-million mark, doubling in a year. As this wireless wave sweeps across MENA markets, companies must adapt their content, acquire or partner with upstarts and devise new ways to finance their efforts to stay out in front of the fast-changing MENA mediascape. This session will explore the opportunities and challenges for businesses in MENA adapting to a mobile centric environment and advice for navigating what lies ahead.

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    Panel: From Hollywood to Bollywood, is Arabwood next?

    Arab cinema has been experiencing a lot of recognition worldwide in recent times, not least of all because of this year’s three academy award nominations. As emerging Arab filmmakers continue to produce films with the main aim of entertaining and achieving commercial success, the international industry is sitting up and taking notice. The birth of Bollywood, resulted in the world’s biggest film industry, producing approximately double the number of films that come out of Hollywood. While the Arab world has far to go, there is a huge market hungry for this content. How do we successfully continue to feed and finance this growing industry? How does Arab film take the next step up?

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    Keynote Conversation

    • Mark Thompson Mark Thompson President and Chief Executive Officer, The New York Times Company
    • Martin Newland Martin Newland Journalist; Advisor, Abu Dhabi Media (Moderator)
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    Closing Remarks

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