Innovative Online community to localize educational websites to offer more accessibility to Arab users

Taghreedat, a major Arabic e-content community building initiative supported by twofour54 and the fourth most influential Arabic brand on Twitter, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Meedan, the California based social translation and software NGO. This collaboration focuses on translating Open Education Resources (OER), and hence increasing the availability of educational resources in Arabic language for users worldwide, particularly students.

Announced on the final day of the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2012, the partnership will promote Taghreedat and Meedan's common goal of providing access to high quality Arabic digital educational content, Open Educational Resources, through online social translation software in the Middle East.

This new agreement will allow Meedan, which has been working on building an online translation community since 2008, to focus its resources on program and software design and delivery. Taghreedat will work towards translating all online educational content and dialogue initiatives into Arabic through its active social media community of over 2500 volunteers.

Commenting on this latest partnership, Sami Mustafa Mubarak, co-founder of Taghreedat, said;
"We are proud to be working with Meedan, as another step forward towards improving digital Arabic content across the global web. The web can serve as a great educational tool, and this project in particular will help open up more learning opportunities for Arabic speakers in the future. This is Taghreedat's fifth international partnership this year with an international organization that shares our common goal of increasing high quality Arabic e-content, and we are looking forward to developing more in the future."

Ed Bice, CEO at Meedan, added;
"The collaboration with Taghreedat is a great opportunity for Meedan to increase digital Arabic educational content, and ensure language barriers do not stop people accessing these fantastic resources. With Taghreedat's translations and support through their innovative social media crowdsourcing approach, and with Meedan's focus on building innovative technologies for community translation we expect to contribute to opening access to open licensed educational resources and open source educational software across the MENA region and globally."

Taghreedat's other partnerships with international organisations include Twitter, Inc., Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED), Storify and the Wikimedia Foundation.

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